Welcome to the calm collective

The collective runs the calmbirth course in both Perth and on the Illawarra Coast of NSW, providing pregnancy and childbirth education classes to pregnant women and their partners. The course is run by Vanessa, a Registered Nurse and Midwife, who brings her extensive practical experience in being with women in labour and birth to the calmbirth course.

Calmbirth is designed for first-time mothers as well as those who have had a previous birth experience. Calmbirth aims to empower you and your birth partner with the knowledge and skills to make your labour and birth calm and joyful.


You will learn practical relaxation skills to alleviate fear and tension about labour and childbirth, and gain an understanding of how your body is perfectly designed so that you can trust and celebrate the birth process. You will learn about how your uterus works, the stages of labour, and how your birth partner can play a vital role in the process.

There will also be discussion around some of the choices you may be faced with so you can make informed decisions. Calmbirth will give you the confidence to take control of your birth experience.